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Friday, November 22 2019
Thanksgiving Dinner for our Pets?

On Thanksgiving Day, almost everyone with a dog or cat is faced with pets begging for what the two-legged family is eating. But can dogs have turkey? It depends.

“Around this time of year, I’m asked if turkey is bad for dogs and cats, and for the most part, turkey is safe for these pets,” says Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA, Nationwide’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “The parts of the turkey that are not safe for pets are the fatty or boney ones: Don’t give your pets turkey skin, turkey gravy or turkey bones from the roasted bird. Those must be off-limits, unless you’re planning to clean up after a pet’s tummy ache, or in the worst case, making time for a Thanksgiving trip to the veterinary emergency clinic.”

Dr. McConnell says that the turkey meat is safe for dogs and cats, and light or dark meat are both fine – in moderation, of course.

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